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As responsible product manager at Neue Westfälische Media Group, a regional newspaper in Bielefeld, Germany, I am working with Lokalportal, a startup in which the company has invested. We build a hybrid of a local social network and a local news site as third strategy pillar for regional newspapers, besides paid content and third-party business, which I explain more detailed in this post.

Leading a team of four, I am responsible for Lokalportal at Neue Westfälische, such as content, marketing as well as product and strategy with Lokalportal and its implementation within Neue Westfälische. In 2019 we were acknowledged by WAN-IFRA at the European Digital Media Awards. Beforehand I was an editor for nw.de – the main news website of the publisher.

I am holding a master’s degree from the University of Hamburg in Journalism & Communication and spent an academic year at the Missouri School of Journalism as a Fulbright grantee. In 2020 I am part of the inaugural cohort of the Executive Program in News Innovation and Leadership at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY. During the year-long-program led by Anita Zielina and Jeff Jarvis, we explore how to transform the news industry and change our organizations by developing successful products and sustainable business models.

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