How Lokalportal connects communities is a hybrid of a local social network and a local newspaper – an editorially supported local platform where everyone can participate: neighbors, civic clubs, businesses, municipalities – and journalists. They create a digital ecosystem in which local communities organize themselves, interact and create value.

With Neue Westfälische, a german regional publisher, has 30.000 registered users who meet in neighborhood or topic groups, where they find like-minded people for their interests, for example to organize a neighborhood volunteer support service.

“We connect you with people and information from your neighborhood that are important and interesting for you – from the lost dog to the next mayor election.”

They decide whether they want to get in touch publicly or via direct messages. In our directory, they find new neighbors and groups, where they can also explore and follow more than 600 registered organizations like civic clubs and businesses who keep neighbors informed about their activities and events. The events are highlighted in our calendar where neighbors can RSVP.

In addition, Neue Westfälische journalists provide news on a community level and engage with neighbors to do reporting based on the needs of the community members and with their participation. All information is automatically put together for each neighbor  individually, based on residence and relevance. This is how the newspaper becomes a community organizer.


Lokalportal is available via web, iOS and Android apps. In our all-in-one-solution, all content is displayed geolocated. We offer a GDPR-compliant cloud-based platform, without expenses for updates and maintenance, with a full content-management-system in the back that allows automated hyperlocal newsletters, in-app- and push-notifications.

Business Model

We offer a simple way for local advertisers to reach their local target group. With a high degree of automation we offer low-priced and high-performance advertising formats to local clients. Users can create ads that are highlighted in Lokalportal.
They can also be extended to other digital channels (Facebook, Instagram, Google Display, Google Search). We automatically generate more than 50 ad formats and display them to the right target groups.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-03-20 um 13.32.55.pngIn addition, business profiles can be highlighted for a monthly fee. Furthermore we book a budget to other channels such as Google, to give the customer a permanent digital presence.

Cooperation Model

Lokalportal works best with a local partner, such as a regional paper or publisher. The partner operates the platform and gets exclusivity in his license area. Getting started is quick and easy, even in other languages.

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